Live Blogging Update - I

Earlier today we reported on a fantastic new development. And we noted that we would, quote, "later today," in fact, begin, actual live blogging, of an actual event. And that even better, we would be blogging on the truly exciting, groundbreaking, and quite timely and almost non stop discussed event that is the rotation of the earth.

True to our promise, we are now bringing you -- although we have to acknowledge that this is very difficult, because this is, after all, live blogging -- our first live blogging report on the earth's current rotation.

There are some preliminary challenges involved in this, of course, technical issues, and the like, but stick with it, we will be bringing you fresh new "news" information. To start out, and we have confirmed this, it does, indeed, appear that the earth is in fact rotating. And yes, we are, quite incredibly, quite excitingly, bringing it all to you right now via live blogging.

More live blogging news on this fascinating event to follow, as it develops. So stay with us here, you will be the first to know.