We know that donkasaurus was an actual dinosaur.thats why we named our web blog after one.

Curiously enough, a google search could not find this actual dinosaur. Now, unless one happens to be in Kansas at the time one contemplates the question, we pretty much know that actual dinosaurs existed. Either that, or God put some might cool dinosaur bones for us to find, that carbon date back millions of years or so, more or less. (So we ask, "what's the big difference?"). In either case, just bones, or actual 'saurs, where are all the g* d* earth crushing, animal stomping, stegosaurus eatin' donkasaurs, or, alternatively (again, for everywhere but Kansas), where are their bones?

I mean, we got allesaurs, brontosaurauses [ get list of dinosaurs] . Where the H*** are the donkasaurs?

We know the donkasaur existed. We think it was a cross between allesaurus, a bronchialsaurus, a triceritops, and a tyranisaurus rex. Or maybe it was a pretty much like Dino, from the Flintstones. Where'd they get that dinosaur anyway. And, hey, wait a minute, wasn't the flintstones incorrect? I mean, dinosauries werent around when man came on the scene. (Right?) That leads us to conclude the "Dino" was not a real dinosaur.

But Dino was a dinosaur, not a donkasaur. But we know the donksaurus is, and we are determined to find it.

Maybe Stephen Colbert can help. Stephen? Stephen??