Special Edition -- Live Blogging Event... Live!!!

While we will not be available for our normal morning and evening press briefings, our daily roundtables, fireside chats, to return email or phone calls, or our committee chair duties, etc., over the next days, don't fret -- this is because we are live blogging.

Yes. Don't worry that your hearing (or in this case, your eyesight) is going bad. We are going to be live blogging. Let us repeat that one more time. Live. Blogging!!

That's right. That means we are going to be reporting, live, as only this decade's latest and coolest and most importantest online news reporting sensation can do -- by blogging live!

For those of you not in the know, live blogging means that one blogs not from the grave. Not from the beyond. Not even from inside the womb! (Well, there is a lot of controversy over that last one, with a preponderance of the evidence supporting the idea that at least for a time period inside of the womb, that would also constitute, "live" blogging. Various factions are still furiously, and sometimes violently, debating this.)

And just in case you somehow think it could not get any better than this, live blogging actually means more. So much more.

It not only means blogging while alive. It means blogging from an actual event!!!!!! While alive!

It is so exciting, that words really can not begin to describe the emotions here at Donkasaurus. We are simply besides ourselves with the excitement of this. We literally can not wait to begin sharing our live blogging -- repeat, that is live blogging -- updates from the event itself.

Starting later today, we, again we can not emphasize this enough, but live, are going to be blogging (and folks, it's a big one), the rotation of the earth.

You heard that right. Right here, right here at Donkasaur.us, we are going to be live blogging the rotation of the earth. This means of course that we will be bringing you live updates, actual live blogging updates (we get all goose bumpy just thinking about it) on the earth's rotation. Actual live updates. Via Blogging!

This sure promises to be one fun filled, fact filled, information, ground breaking news gathering and sharing event.


And, also, note, not to get too far ahead of ourselves here, because this is truly already a monumental event -- but next week we are going to do something even cooler, even more groundbreaking, even more newsworthy, than live blogging. I know, some think that is not possible. But we are. This seems incredible to even contemplate, given that not only are we going to be live blogging starting later today, but that we are going to be live blogging something as exciting as the rotation of the earth. But when that event is over, we are going to be bringing you even fresher, instantaneous, can't get it anywhere else, can't get it any faster, can't get it any fresher, scintillating news coverage about some of the most exciting things on the planet --like live blogging some of C-spans hearings on future soybean crop yields, for example. Or the society of preservationists debate on whether the name preservationist should always start with a capital p or not. And we will be bringing it all to you live. Live!!!! Because if it's not here and now, and if it's not "live," even on the most boring subjects on earth, and even on the most timeless subjects we face today, it's just not news anymore.