Many Thanks to Listeners, Readers, and a Live Blogging Update

Since we ran our first "live blogging"update covering the earth's rotation, we have literally been besieged by readers, as well as listeners of "Donkasaurus radio." Well, first off, the excitement and enthusiasm has just been amazing, and we just want to thank everybody for their continued support and generosity in their comments and well wishes as we continue this rather incredible live blogging of the actual earth's rotation.

Many readers and Donkasaurus radio listeners have also written or called in to express their amazement at what might have appeared to be the truly ground breaking nature of this new, exceptional, exciting, even scintillating, titillating, form of reporting and "keeping it real." Well, it is ground breaking, to be quite candid. We don't know of anyone or any organization, and this includes ABC, CBS, the NY Times, and even the pseudo news but catchy and celebrity riddled Huffington Post,that has live blogged the earth's rotation before. Or even anything as exciting.

But to those of you might have thought that this fantastic concept of "live blogging" was just invented, no, no, no, no, live blogging has been "alive" and well now for a while, providing political and news excitement to otherwise normal everyday Miller beer swilling donut eatin' own oil changin' Americans everywhere. We are a bit hesitant to share this list with you, because the excitement can be a little overwhelming (so certainly take a big breathe before you read much further, this can be quite exciting), but here are a few instances of actual live blogging.

Ah, but first, just say the word. "live blogging." It's like taking a first sip of that freshly roasted morning java, it's like that first bite into a snickers bar in between extra innings, it's like that dewy filled morning when for the first time you... uh oh.... anyway, it is just so cool, isn't it? Here we go:

"Live Blogging the Sotomayor Hearings" --can't ya just feel it? This, is exciting. Say it with me now. So. Toe. My. OAR! She is already one of our favorite Justices. Even if Lindsey Graham, -- despite agreeing that she is moderate, despite having no more opinions overturned than most judges, despite serving as editor of the Yale law review, despite being within the mainstream on her opinions at least as much as most judges -- and more than many -- despite a reasonably rigid adherence to the law first and interpretation second (and again, more so than some recent nominees), despite graduating from Princeton Summa Cum Laude, and being awarded Princeton's top prize for academic and extracurricular achievement, despite serving more time on the federal bench that any other nominee reaching back several decades now -- can somehow vote against Sotomayor on the merits, but yet the rather incredible Washington Post just knows Obama could not have voted against more extreme, objectively less (but still reasonably) qualified nominees himself, for any other reason than that of despicable "political motivation," unlike the honorable Graham. We are not sure how Graham, with far less to support such a decision, can vote against on the merits, but Obama can not (and let alone how the Post can know both of these things). But we digress. It was just so exciting, this live blogging, that we had to take it down a notch. Here's another:

"Live Blogging Obama’s News Conference" Wow, live blogging a news conference!? Now that, is truly amazing. We get such fascinating stuff, at such breakneck speed, no wonder after the initial immediate swarm of lemming like interest, we don't need to pay attention to things that will have as much relevance over the next several years (including by the way, the election of 2012, as the Washington Post gives immediate credibility and legitimacy to a completely fake authority, not to mention an exceptionally misleading and manipulative piece of energy and economics trash), and perhaps decades, or any other day for that matter, as the random day that they appeared.

(Again, we had to take it down a notch. I mean, live blogging an Obama news conference? That is just complete excitement. It's like one of those days that you just know you better opt for the decaffeinated version of your morning Pepsi. )

Can we do some more? Can we do some more live blogging event excitement? We better wait.

We'll try to bring you more examples of actual live blogging excitement, but its hard work live blogging the rotation of the earth, and we have to get back to it. Unfortunately, we have no more immediate updates to bring you on that front, other than to report, it appears that, in fact (although we can't be completely sure), the earth is still rotating. This is live blogging at its finest. Interesting. Relevant. Compelling. Edgy. And brought to you in live time -- particularly important when we are talking about something as fast moving, and constantly changing, as this.