Did outgoing Alaska Governor Sarah Palin use the Office of the Governership for "Personal Gain"?

That the official state website would be used to publicize the private response of Palin on Monday to another ethics charge is somewhat ironical, given Tuesday's leak of a preliminary independent report [PDF] from a state ethics commission investigator finding "probable cause" that Palin's "official" legal defense fund violated the Ethics Act in that it made use of her "official position for personal gain."
We guess. You just don't see it in writing so much in this contect. But it does seem pretty ironic. We guess.

It seems to us that Palin's response is public news, and putting it on the website is thus appropriate, but we don't know. More interesting is the alleged preliminary finding of the state ethics commission. After all, this was a Governor who recently announced a very premature resignation, for the "benefit" of Alaskans. (And who has quit a public position prematurely before, based upon similarly "noble" sounding rationales.)