Live Blogging Update

Earlier we reported on the groundbreaking attempt to actually, via live blogging, "live blog" the earth's rotation.

There is news to report -- and we are bringing it to you now, via "live blogging." The earth, apparently, is rotating, on its axis. (Just not in Kansas). Many wonder why.

Since the earth is rotating very fast, and making it very difficult to hang on, we are finding it a bit more challenging than had previously been envisioned. It is very hard to both live blog, and hang on while the earth is spinning so rapidly, at the very same time.

However -- we could adjust to the great speed of the earth by cleverly using our radio broadcast station up at the north pole for this special "live blogging the earth's rotation live blogging" and (more or less) eliminate this problem of the earth's rapid speed as it rotates on its axis. (Just in case you want to determine just how fast you are moving.)

That we being said, there is even more breaking news to report -- and again, we are bringing it to you live, via "live blogging." But, until we can get our north pole live blogging operational, what with the speed of the earth as it rotates on its axis, and the even faster speed of the earth as it moves through space, it can not be emphasized enough -- it is exceedingly difficult to just hang on, let alone live blog this truly amazing (and apparently, nonstop!) event.