The NY Times Publishes One of the Worst Pieces Ever

We are going to paraphrase yesterday's editorial in the NY Times.

Remember, we are loosely paraphrasing, while making sure to cover all relevant major points:
UFOs and scary science fiction scenarios have no proof, climate change is the same, the end.
For a contrast with the idiocy of this "editorial" in the Times, see the basic facts, in stark contrast.

Out of the blue, after going on and on about Y2K fears, and the like, at the very end of his piece, the author (who doesn't even deserve to have his name mentioned), brings up climate change for the very first time, and simply decides that it is in the category as these other, largely imagined,or even farcical, fears.

What is even  more important are the author's reason's. What are his reasons?

None. He just decides it. (If one does google this person, you will see that this is not necesarily by purposeful omission. He is a professor of philosophy, in New Zealand.)

As for the NY Times' reasons for publishing this abject piece of manipulative and extraordinarily ignorant piece of crap?

Who knows. Maybe they think it is provocative:  say, along the lines of suggesting that we don't know if the Times publishers are having gay, extramarital sex and cocaine parties with insider coal industry executives (but leaving out that we don't know), just that it "seems to us" they are. The end.

This has been an editorial.