Good Idea, Except They Probably Wouldn't Bother to Wipe Their Feet

From the popular (and well named!) blog, "boing, boing" comment section, regarding a front door mat available at Target that literally says "Come back with a warrant":
Ooh! I want one! Better yet, I want a doormat that actually has the text of the Fourth Amendment on it. If someone's gonna violate my most basic, Constitutionally-protected civil liberties, I want them to have to literally wipe their feet on the Bill of Rights in order to do it.
Here's a funnier one:
...Cop: Our dog smelled something in your car. Can we search your car? Me: I was standing right here, and I heard the other cop tell you the dog didn't find anything. If the dog had found anything, you wouldn't have to ask me to search my car. That would be the probable cause that you don't have. (I then made the mistake of relenting to their ridiculous search, and they repaid me by removing EVERYTHING INCLUDING THE SEATS from my car and leaving them on the side of the highway at 2am. I was young, and that was the 1st and last time I ever consented to a search. It was also the night I learned to never trust anything that comes out of a cop's mouth.)
As they say on the internet (or as Sunday talk show host John McLaughlin says every time he ends one of his shows), boing boing!

As a segueway into a different John McLaughlin (and slightly more entertaining one):