Just How Insane and Irrational is Pox News?

The talking heads on Pox News and its related ideologically driven far right wing minions, have been largely going nuts because President Obama bowed to some foreign leaders in a land where such greetings are customary. 

This is pretty scary. On Pox apparently they think the art of diplomacy is to get other countries to hate us for no good reason, and to pass up sensible opportunities to build rapore and communication with no attendant loss to our own interests or goals.

James Fallows writes in the Atlantic that a WH aide who traveled with the President to Asia told him:

When the president heard that some people had complained, I'd characterize his reaction as: The notion that the United States is somehow humbling or humiliating itself by showing respect for a local custom, when it is transparently the most powerful country in the world, leaves me speechless.
That should probably be restated, replacing the world "humbling" with "weakening" and it's a pretty spot on assessment of just how absurd and one dimensional the predominant thinking on Pox News has become.