Health "Insurance" is Part of the Problem, Not the Solution

Health Insurance insures people for trivial things that should be self paid, and adds countless billions of unnecessary middleman waste and seemingly non ending doctor office paperwork, while at the same time often dictating to people what procedures, and even, sometimes conditions, 'are and are not" covered, thereby defeating the purpose in the first place.

It seems the answer to solving our problem of excessive and spiraling health care costs, while at the same time many Americans are receiving sub par (or no) health care, does not lie in the direction on increasing health insurance, let alone mandated private, health insurance.

Also, they should be getting special treatment if they are non profit, keeping costs down and the quality of care up,and not commonly refusing to cover care that patients - who are often paying a small fortune for this health insurance (directly, or indirectly)- and their doctors decide is medically sensible.