CROWLEY-GATE II: ...The Lemming Like Swarm of the Media Helps Turn it into a Big Story

[Note: CROWLEY-GATE(S) I is here.]

Police associations were naturally defensive over Obama's ill chosen bit of off the cuff opining. Wth this small bit of incentive, led by the same old chorus of voices on the far right (whose news channel is named after a sly animal that manages to manipulate its audience into thinking it is "fair and balanced," by among other things, constantly telling them this), the media of course jumped all over the "controversial," albeit minor, statement.

This same media, prompted as per usual by mother Fox (the same channel that the active "intelligentsia" on the left and even more moderate Democrats dismiss as largely irrelevant) turned it into another big scandal, turning somewhat of a molehill into a mountain. This is the same media, of course, that has repeatedly ignored actual mountain after mountain. (Links of examples here would extend dozens of pages. Note, not by complete coincidence, these are also usually mountains that mother Fox likes to dismiss or blatantly misconstrue, as well. Links would now extend hundreds of pages.)

The fact of the matters is, a professor, even if he was irate at the officer, got inquisitioned, and questioned, for breaking and entering into his own home -- and when it was ascertained that it was clearly his own home, and he was upset, the officer continued to make an issue of it, instead of simply moving on and apologizing for the mixup. {Note therein that the reference to Gates "opening the front door" means that he was not solely "yelling" at the police officer, who was standing in the back of the house, but working on his front door, which, being stuck, was what led to the mistaken call by a suspicious neighbor in the first place.}

Continuing the matter, let alone the arrest, was probably a mistake. It was probably poor judgment. And the gist of Obama's statement was probably correct, and certainly defensible. The words chosen could have been better. But it was not simply this to much of our media -- which of course decided to make it, because of its potentially salacious appeal, into their latest overblown parroted story of the moment.